Thinking about adopting a shelter dog? Great idea!

Dogs truly are man's (or woman's) best friend.

The companionship a loyal dog provides is worth every exhausted, early-morning walk and each "stop what you're doing and play with me!" stare.

Bringing any new dog home is a huge commitment, but shelter dogs, in particular, present many unique challenges. They've often suffered through traumatic pasts and require your love and patience to thrive.

The reward? A deep bond with an animal who knows you gave them a second chance.

olive adopted dog
Olive, our lovable Hound Mix adopted at 14 months old.

This is a collection of our top adoption-related content.

The resources on this page cover everything you need to know about dog adoption, both BEFORE and AFTER you bring your new dog home. Have questions about the process or what to expect? Feel free to contact the PetLists team.

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