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how to choose a dog food

Is Your Dog Eating The Right Food? 7 Things You Need To Know For A Healthy Pup

You are what you eat. It's true for you AND your dog. But in a sea of big brands and confusing formulations, how do you choose what's best?

dog adoption milestones

9 Crucial Milestones For Your Dog's Transition (Starting From Minute 1)

Wondering what to expect when your new dog comes home? You aren't alone. These 9 milestones will ensure a successful transition.

types of dog harnesses collars

9 Types Of Dog Harnesses For Every Type Of Dog (Even The Bratty, Defiant Ones)

Does your dog misbehave on leash? Don't be frustrated by your dog's bratty behavior. Take back your walks! This guide shows you how.

how much does a dog cost

How Much Does A Dog Cost? 14 Expenses Dog Owners Face (Required & Optional)

Far too many dog owners bring their new pup home without realizing that expenses will start to pile up. Don't adopt until you read this.

littermate syndrome two puppies

Littermate Syndrome: 2 Small Pups, 1 BIG Problem (What Is It & How To Fix It)

Two puppies, twice the fun. Right? Not quite. Let's talk about Littermate Syndrome: What is it? What causes it? How do you fix/avoid it?

things to consider before adopting a dog

27 Things To Consider Before Adopting A Dog (The ULTIMATE Guide)

Adopting a dog is a major responsibility. It's also an awesome adventure. Don't make the 12-year commitment without reading this guide.

common dog behavioral problems

8 Behavioral Problems Common With Shelter Dogs (With Tips To Fix)

There's nothing like rescuing a dog in need, but many shelter dogs come with serious emotional baggage. These are 8 common problems.